Who are you my husband Chapter 250

Listening to the dialogue between Jacinta and Anthony, the surrounding

passengers all gloated at Nick.

Nick was too arrogant just now, and he was disqualified from taking the


Both Milton and Rhonda were a little worried. If Nick was disqualified

from taking the flight, he would have to take the high-speed rail when he


The most important thing is that Nick is here to participate in the

competition. If this affects his mood, how can he calm down and come to

the competition?

“President Thomas, I’m sorry, I added trouble to you.” Rhonda said


“It’s okay.” Nick shook his head. He didn’t even bother to open his eyes.

He didn’t take this matter to heart.

Two hours later, the plane finally arrived at Darnell Airport. Milton was

always worried about this, but Nick slept.

In the past two days, because of Moana’s affairs, he didn’t sleep well at all.

At this time, he made up for a sleep, and he felt refreshed.

After getting off the plane, Anthony and Jacinta followed Nick all the

time, and some passengers who wanted to watch the excitement also

followed curiously.

Rhonda also called people to pick them up immediately.

Looking back at Anthony and Jacinta, Nick remembered that they

seemed to find someone disgusting him on the plane before. After thinking

about it, he took out the phone and turned it on and called Walton.

“I hit someone on the plane, and the other party seems to be canceling my

eligibility for the flight. Are you in the General Administration of

Aviation?” Nick asked.

“Yes. Which flight are you on?” Walton said.

“PengNickg Airlines, flying to Darnell.” Nick said.

“Okay, I’ll take care of this for you.” Walton said.

Nick hung up the phone, and within a few minutes, several airport police

officers rushed towards them.

Jacinta hurriedly stepped forward and said, “It’s him, he injured my friend

on the plane.” The

police officer looked at Nick, and one of them stepped forward and

asked, “Did you hit someone on the plane on purpose?”

Everyone looked at Nick jokingly, to see if Nick dared to admit it. If

Nick didn’t dare to admit it, they would directly help testify and sell

Anthony a face.

“Yeah.” Unexpectedly, Nick nodded and took the matter down.

“Come with us.” Seeing that Nick cooperated in this way, the police

officer was a little surprised and didn’t take out the handcuffs to handcuff

“Yes.” Nick nodded in cooperation.

“Boy, why aren’t you mad? Bring out your arrogance on the plane?”

Anthony smiled happily.


Without saying anything, Nick took a step forward and kicked Anthony


Everyone was stunned.

This kid can actually beat people?

This is in front of the police.

The policemen also opened their mouths. At first they thought that

Nick’s cooperation should not be a problem. They didn’t expect to dare

to beat people in front of them. It was lawless.

“Police officer, look at it, it’s so arrogant and doesn’t put you in your eyes

at all. You didn’t even take him down?” Jacinta angrily accused.

The faces of several police officers changed. First, they were a little

unhappy with Nick, and second, being accused by a woman face to face

made them very embarrassed.

“Handcuff, take away!” The captain snorted coldly, and one of the

policemen took out the handcuffs and handcuffed Nick.

Nick cooperated throughout, with a smile on his face.

Seeing that Nick was handcuffed, Anthony, who got up from the ground,

was finally relieved.

He really has some false fire, why is this kid so sloppy?

Don’t even give the police any face?

Damn, it’s good to be in the game, let’s see how I fit you in a while!

Anthony thought fiercely, took out the phone and called his father, wanting

his father to use the relationship in the bureau to take care of Nick.

When Nick was taken away by Jing Cha, Milton and Rhonda both

looked ugly, and both had a little worry in their eyes.

If they are in St. David, or in the Central Plains, they can still use the

relationship, but here is Darnell, they can’t help much at all.

After Anthony finished the call, he followed Jacinta with him. He must see

Nick being taken away, otherwise he would not be reconciled.

He had already thought about it. He would not let Nick go until Nick

was taken away in the bureau. After Nick came out, he wouldn’t be

named Zhai if he didn’t abolish Nick himself.

It’s just—

just walked out of the airport and walked to the police car. After the captain

answered the phone, his face changed.

“Excuse me, are you called Nick?” the captain asked politely.

The Anthony and others who followed were a little puzzled. What did the

captain mean and why didn’t they play cards according to common sense?

Didn’t you take this kid into the car and take him to the game?

Nick smiled knowingly and nodded “Yes, if you don’t believe me, you

can check my ID.”

He knew that Walton must have called his friend in the General

Administration of Aviation.

“Ah, you are really Nick, sorry, we caught the wrong person, I’m really

embarrassed.” The captain said that he unfastened Nick’s handcuffs

personally, making the other police officers look embarrassed. .

“It’s okay, it’s just a misunderstanding.” Nick looked at the captain and

the police car beside him, smiled and said, “I think you should change your

attendance equipment. Go back and tell your boss and let him call me. Call,

I am going to donate 50 million to your bureau to update your attendance


Nick must have his deep meaning in doing this.

England Shipping will definitely be one of the big markets in the future of

the Science and Technology Park. If the other party believes him, he will

take this opportunity to open up a network of relationships here.

In the future, a scientific research product will be developed for the first

time, and it must be exhibited in major international metropolises before it

goes on the market.

Obviously St. David is still very difficult to reach the water-cooling of an

international metropolis, and Darnell is his target.

So sooner or later he will come to get through the relationship here.

If not, you can also build a second science and technology park here.

Of course, that has to wait until the St. David Science and Technology Park

market and scientific research projects are mature.

As soon as Nick spoke, everyone was stunned.

Donate 50 million to the branch?

Fuck, this kid is too good at pretending.

If he has this ability, he can buy a private jet, and even fly a hairy plane.

No one believed him at all. The

captain smiled bitterly at the business card Nick gave him. He certainly

didn’t believe that Nick would really donate 50 million to them in the


But he also thought about it. He must have given this business card to Liu

Ju. After all, Liu Ju personally called to release Nick, so they might

know him.

If the time comes to talk about this matter, then he still can’t help it.

Both Milton and Rhonda were a little surprised, and Nick was released

in this way.

But Nick was fine, and they were also relieved.

“Do you really want to donate 50 million to them?” After getting on the car

to the hotel, Rhonda asked Nick curiously.

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