The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4952 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4952 )

When charlie heard this, he nodded slightly.

He felt that what Jian analyzed was very fair.

There are good and bad people everywhere. Although there are scumbags like Jovie among the Chinese who are harming their compatriots, most compatriots must still take care of each other and help each other more.

Just like Arman, even if he is in deep distress in New York, he must organize with other Chinese to help those Chinese children who have lost their families.

Thinking of this, charlie said with a grim expression: “The vast majority of Chinese are able to unite overseas, but it is these black sheep who choose to kill their compatriots. How many compatriots have been deceived.”

Jian nodded and said, “By the way, Mr. Wade, I asked a lawyer to help me retrieve the precedents of similar cases in the United States in recent years. In the end, most of the similar cases did not find the mastermind behind them. They were all unwitting carriers and were eventually sentenced, and among those arrested, there were not only Chinese, but also Japanese, Koreans, and people from other countries. There should be a very large crime behind this. organize.”

charlie asked him, “Didn’t the American police find out the mastermind behind it?”

Jian smiled helplessly, and said: “Generally, this kind of organization, the internal risk isolation is very well done, it is equivalent to making multiple fire doors. If the fire is blocked, they will re-develop the peripheral downline. If they can’t stop it, they will close the second fire door until it can be blocked. Therefore, they have lost some peripheral members for so long. Not only did the core members not face any threats, but instead they accumulated a huge amount of wealth and resources, and their strength became stronger.”

charlie nodded and said coldly: “That is to say, the core members of this organization have a large number of scapegoats. Every time an accident occurs, it is only necessary to drag a group of people out to face the thunder.”

“Yes.” Jian said: “This is the drawback of the law under certain circumstances. At the legal level, a case can basically be closed as long as its own process can be completed and it can finally be logically self-consistent. Now, just like your mother-in-law, if you hand it over to the police for investigation, maybe after a few docking people are caught, these couples will take all the guilt by themselves.”

“Moreover, they have already set up a complete set of arguments and evidence chains to perfectly prove to the police and judges that the truth is as they said, you can believe it, or you can believe it;”

“In this case, even if you know that they have black hands behind the scenes, as long as they bite and don’t let go, it will be difficult for you to continue the investigation. After the prison, and this matter is over, when the limelight passes, their behind-the-scenes mastermind will continue to replace a new batch of people to continue to run his business. pregnancy.”

charlie frowned and asked, “Is the efficiency of the American police so inefficient? Can’t even fight a criminal gang?”

Jian said with a wry smile: “If I really want to fight, I can definitely beat it, but the reason why I can’t beat it is because the Americans like to play coexistence, and they don’t want to beat it at all.”

After a pause, Jian said again: “In this country, guns are an upright business, and some things that are banned in other countries can be freely traded here, and even prisons are a kind of private business. not to mention the fact that American police are supported by taxpayers, and the reason why taxpayers can accept the high cost of American police is because the crime rate is too high, there are many ethnic minorities and it is very messy;”

“The huge gap between the rich and the poor will bring many unstable factors, coupled with the proliferation of guns in the United States, and the large number of immigrants and illegal immigrants, so it greatly reduces the cost of crime for criminals, and at the same time greatly increases their crime. Success rate;”

“The bigger the environment is, the easier it is for those ethnic minorities to choose to make a living by committing crimes, and more and more ethnic minorities who choose to commit crimes will naturally form gangs. This is the birth of gangs in American society. The root cause of the gang problem will never be solved if these factors are not addressed at the root.”

“Moreover, the more chaotic the environment, the more the middle class needs the police to protect their personal and property safety, so they can accept high tax rates and accept that the American police consume a lot of taxpayers’ funds;”

“But once the crime rate in the United States drops, the first thought of these savvy middle class is: since the security is so good, why do I need so many police officers? These police officers are fed and clothed with my money, If the money they spend can be saved, the roads to and from get off work can be better repaired, the medical insurance reform can be more humanized, and why not even save this tax, so that the family income can be increased in disguise… …”

Having said this, Jian smiled and said: “So in this land, guns and gangs are indispensable, and they will never be eliminated.”

When charlie heard this, he nodded solemnly.

He didn’t know much about the United States, but Jian’s analysis made him understand the underlying logic.

So, he said, “Since the American police don’t do anything, then I’ll call one to show him. I don’t care how many gangs there are in the United States, but this gang that specializes in harassing compatriots, I must uproot it!”


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