The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4953 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4953 )



 The efficiency of Wanlong Palace’s investigation was very high.

 After only one night, they had a clear idea of ​​what happened. Abbas called charlie and reported in detail: “Mr. Wade, according to my subordinate’s investigation, the Chinese woman who has been in the relationship with your mother-in-law in the Providence Chinese Rampage is not called Jovie, but It’s called Soleil.

” “Soleil?” charlie frowned and asked, “What is this Soleil from?” Abbas said, “This Soleil smuggled to the United States alone more than 20 years ago. 

Originally, she hoped to go to the United States to work and earn money, to build a house for her two sons and marry a wife. After exhausting her family’s savings and smuggling to the United States, she changed her name , blackened in the local Chinatown, and worked as a nanny for Chinese families. 

“The reason why she used a pseudonym is because the smuggler who transported her to the United States told her that when the black was in the United States, no one could let anyone know her true identity. 

In this case, she would make money in the future, and she would be laundered.” In the past, it is possible to use your real identity to get a green card again, but if someone finds out that he was an illegal immigrant, then trying to get a green card will be as difficult as going to the sky.

 After speaking, Abbas added: “Soleil is here. Chinatown found someone to make a fake domestic ID card, under the pseudonym Huang Sanmei. In order to make her identity more credible, she also made up a Hakka identity background for herself without a teacher, saying that she was a family of four sisters at home.

 Three, so her parents gave her such a simple and direct name, this set of rhetoric is really useful, plus she has a natural talent for lying and acting, so she was not noticed by the employer.” charlie asked him: ” So how did this Soleil change from a nanny to a criminal who specializes in harming her compatriots?”

 Abbas said, “Mr. Wade, the specific reason is still under investigation, because this Soleil has been in the United States for more than 20 years. , and she spent most of the time in the United States as an illegal immigrant, so the experience during this period still requires in-depth investigation, but there is a clue that Soleil’s first employer in the United States, they are in Meiyu In the third year of Jane’s arrival in the United States, 

she encountered a fire, killing three of her family of four. Soleil and her younger son, who was less than one year old, disappeared. We suspect that the fire must have been set by Soleil. She was taken away by her, and most likely she sold it.” charlie heard this, and asked coldly, “Did the American police not investigate and detect such a big thing?

 Abbas said: “Irresponsible The American police conducted a preliminary investigation after the fire and determined that the cause of the fire was that the male owner smoked in the living room and lit the sofa, which caused the fire in the living room. It was an accident. 

As for the missing child, the American police did not give any details. correct statement. “I looked through the relevant files. At that time, a neighbor provided clues to the police, claiming that there had always been a nanny named Huang Sanmei in the employer’s house. 

After the fire, the nanny and the one-year-old child were missing, so she was suspected. Very big;” “But after the American police made the confession, they did not conduct in-depth investigations into the matter on the grounds that no traces of arson were found in the fire and that the property was not lost;” “As for the so-called Huang Sanmei , because there was no image data about her at that time, the American police who were handling the case at that time just hung up such a name in the police system and asked the American police to assist in the investigation of an Asian woman named Huang Sanmei, but this did not matter. Below;” “Several states in the United States have indeed encountered Asian women named Huang Sanmei in the following two decades, but local police investigations found that the time these people came to the United States was related to the timeline of the incident at that time. It doesn’t match, so it’s gone. charlie asked him: 

“How did you find out that the third sister Huang, who used a fake identity, is the current Soleil? “Abbas said: “Mr.wade, I found the outdoor surveillance video of Providence, repaired a high-definition photo of Soleil, and put it on the information network of Wanlong Palace. 

There is one for us. The informant of the intelligence was the smuggler who brought Soleil to the United States. In his hand, he kept the identity information of all the stowaways over the years. ” charlie asked again: “Then what is this Soleil’s real identity now? Abbas explained: “Her real identity is a self-employed person who obtained a U.S. green card through investment immigration. 

Around 2010, she passed the EB-5 investment immigration program in the United States and was in an area approved by the U.S. Immigration Service. The center invested one million US dollars and officially got the US green card. charlie said coldly: “An illegal immigrant who smuggled into the United States to work as a nanny can actually spend one million US dollars for investment immigration.


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