The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4954 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4954 )

 Over the years, she has no idea how much black money she has made by using this way of harassing her compatriots. ! “Speaking, charlie asked again: “abbas, have you investigated the situation of this Soleil’s family?

 “”Have! Abbas replied immediately: “Because Soleil immigrated to the United States alone, which is relatively rare, so I specially investigated Soleil’s family and found that all of her family members are currently living in China, and the family has opened a family. 

The export trading company said that it was engaged in import and export trade between China and the United States, but the company actually had no business and was just an empty shell to hide people’s eyes. With that said, Abbas said again: 

“However, the living conditions of her two sons are very good, each of them’s assets are tens of millions or even close to 100 million, and the family The people are prosperous, and the two sons have given birth to eight children in total. According to my informant investigation, her family’s money comes from their private exchange of currency. 

” charlie said, “Please explain in detail. “Abbas introduced: “That’s right, what Soleil needs is to exchange the dollars she earned in the United States for Chaina coins, while some people in China want to exchange the Chaina coins for dollars, so they trade privately and domestically. 

The exchanger of the exchange handed the equivalent Chaina coins to Soleil’s son, and Soleil handed the equivalent US dollars to the relatives of the other party in the United States. 

Soleil has used this method over the years to send at least 30 million US dollars home. . “Thirty million dollars…” charlie said coldly, “The thirty million dollars, I don’t know how many people were trapped by her. 

charlie paused for a moment and instructed: “Break the army, organize enough evidence chains, and report back to the domestic police in time. 

Soleil’s family helped Soleil to hide, conceal and even use her illegal income abroad. This has definitely constituted a Money laundering is a crime. When all the evidence chains are taken out, all of her illegal gains should be seized. Isn’t this woman trying to make unscrupulous money to spend on her family?

 Become a bubble! “”OK! Abbas said without hesitation: “Mr. Wade, rest assured, your subordinates will make arrangements!” ”(

  At this moment, Soleil just woke up in the car. Jase and Yosef took turns driving overnight, and only drove 1,000 kilometers. Now they are more than 2,000 kilometers away from the US-Mexico border. 

According to Soleil’s plan, she asked the two to drive all the way to El Paso, Texas, and then from here into Mexico by land. Soleil, who had been rocking in the car all night, was still somewhat in a trance because she had not slept well. 

She suddenly recalled when she first came to America. In the first two years of my arrival in the United States, although I used a fake identity, I was really conscientious. Although the money I made at that time was far from being rich in the United States, since I was a nanny, my employer covered the board and lodging, so almost all the money I earned was sent back to my home, 

not only did I quickly pay off the time I smuggled. The borrowed foreign debt has also greatly improved the poor living conditions of the family. 

But as Soleil stayed in the United States for longer, she was subtly influenced by this materialistic society. Gradually, she began to feel dissatisfied with her treatment of illegal immigrants. In Chinatown at the time, there were two different situations for Chinese babysitters. 

One is a nanny with legal status in the United States or a legal green card, while the other is a black nanny who is illegal immigrants and black in the United States like Soleil. 

The price of the former is generally half or more higher than that of the latter. Sometimes, when the nanny meets with the nanny, and everyone talks about their situation, Soleil will complain about her meager salary. She always felt that the content of her work was exactly the same as that of others, and she didn’t cheat or cheat, so why should her salary be only 60% of others’ or even lower. Therefore, she gradually developed resentment towards her employer’s family, and always felt that the other party was deliberately bullying and oppressing her, a poor woman who abandoned her husband and left her hometown. However, 

Soleil ignored a very simple reality. The reason why her employer took the risk of taking care of her as an illegal immigrant is because the price of illegal immigrants is relatively low. 


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